Studio and Head Space

BrothersI get to a point where I need to move everything in the studio. All is deep and I can’t find a thing. There is a tightness that I get to feeling that brings all work to a stop. The work space closes in on me. I begin by moving an easel, then a stool or a light. This takes a day or two because my space is small and moving one thing is keyed to something else being move out of the way first. In the end I have move everything  some place else.  I have moved a table, a chair, my easel and my thoughts to new positions.


2 Responses to “Studio and Head Space”

  1. wenchhandle Says:

    You’re so much smarter than me

  2. wenchhandle Says:

    Ooops, I meant to say your so much scarier than me.

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