DogRealist, that’s what most people see when they look at my work. They recognize the subject so it can’t be abstract in all of it’s forms. What bothers me is the need to attach an “ism” to it at all. Why do we care about the names, the labels, the words. When I look at a piece there are no words in my head at all. It effects me, that’s it. A works effect on the observer is all there is. When we start in with the explanations and labels we have started using words again and they are only needed when the artwork is lacking. The piece itself should have already told you everything…without speaking a word.
As soon as I put my work in a category I make it harder to change. If I call myself a realist then how do I load shotgun shells with paint and blast away at a canvas when I want to… realist don’t do that do they. No name is real artistic freedom. What kind of art do I do? Whatever is in me that wants to come out. Maybe I should call it Whateverisinmethatwantstocomeoutism and keep everybody happy.


2 Responses to “ISM’s”

  1. Anthony McDowell Says:

    Just took a look at your website.
    Just had dinner with Patrick and Michelle
    and got your website.
    Your work is in very good taste.
    Merry Christmas A.

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