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Paint Chemistry

August 21, 2009

Ask almost any artist what the basic make up of paint is and they will tell you; Pigment, vehicle and binder.   I talked to a student today and was asked how long it would take to find their style.  The answer is, as soon as you start painting what’s really inside.  I see so many young artist that are so wrapped up in technical aspects and being new and on the edge that they forget to add the most important element to their paint, EMOTION.  It’s the 4th part of paint and the most basic.paint

While I’m Working On New Stuff

August 9, 2009

I thought I would post some old things while I work on finishing newer work.BodieIslandLight copy  This piece is

of the Bodie Island light from the sound side.  It is acrylic on panel 3×5.  It is sold.


August 9, 2009

If I could, I would do almost no painting and instead I would sculpt all day.  Painting and drawing involves so much illusion while sculpture is direct, no BS, it is what it is.  The problem is that the expense of casting in metal is more than any of my clients want to pay.  This piece will be cold cast, much less expensive.  It is close to being done and when I cast it I will post the results.Teenage Mike

Portrait of Dee

August 2, 2009

DD copyI have been doing a lot more portrait work in the past few years.  I normally do mostly marine subject matter.   I have welcomed the portrait commissions

This piece is acrylic on panel.  I enjoy the challenge of working a portrait in acrylic instead of the oil.  With very little blending time it keeps me on my toes.

New Work Coming

August 1, 2009

Red Hat copyI’ve been working to get a Sept show done while at the same time getting a house on the market.  I had too many balls in the air at once for too long.  I can see it in my current work.  I will be posting current stuff soon. (before Sept I hope)  This piece is the last thing I think I’ve done that wasn’t stressed.  It is sold.