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Hunting For Studios

April 28, 2010

I have shut down the studio in TN.  We are moving on to a sailboat that we haven’t even found yet.  Not to worry, the fun is more in the looking than the finding.  I will keep everyone up to date as we travel.


The Are You An Artist Test

April 21, 2010
  1. Do you dress in odd cloths to let everyone know you’re an artist?
  2. Do you act flamboyantly to let everyone know you’re an artist?
  3. Do you think that everything is art?
  4. Can you mix the color red?
  5. Do you have a real job other than art?
  6. Did you learn to paint from a TV show?
  7. Do you own a painting on black velvet?
  8. Is water color a good medium to start off with?
  9. Is Thomas Kinkade one of your favorite artists?
  10. Do you strive to be on the cutting edge?


 Give yourself one point for every yes answer.

Give yourself two points for every no answer.

Give yourself three points if you didn’t bother

to answer anything and just went back to work

10 points – you should be a sheep herder.

20 points –  you could be an artist

30 points –  you’re the real deal.

What Is Art?

April 13, 2010

Imagine that you are about to be born into this world and you’re just a soul up in heaven, God looks at you and says, “I now condemn you to 85 years of solitary confinement”.  Your free spirit, that can now intermingle freely with others,  will  be locked inside this small body for your entire life.  Like prisoners that are never let out of their cells wondering if the next cell is layed out the same as yours.  You would think that the builders would have built each one exactly the same but you can never be sure because you can’t see for yourself.  What is the view like in each of the other cells window to the outside world.  Just as those prisoners would devise ways to tap on the walls in code to talk to the next cell, we all find ways to experience the “view from the other cell”.  We go through our lives trying to ignore this isolation while at the same time we jump at any chance to see into the next cell.  We are all voyeurs.   Because we are separate we can never know if our perceptions are the same as everyone elses.  Do I see red like you do.  If I could become you would I see that what you see as blue is what I saw as red.  As a child you would have been told that the red sky you see above is called blue and accept it.  Would your apple taste like mine.  We have no idea.  And so we long to know.  When the painter paints they give you a limited peek into their cell.  And we all have a need to look.  “Communication” is the word that is used when talking about the arts but, I think it’s more like “sharing”.  If I connect with you with my painting, I get a peek into your cell too.  Art is NOT about being on the cutting edge or doing something in a totally new way, art has never changed, it is simply the act of trying to escape our confinement.  An attempt to be as one again.