The Are You An Artist Test

  1. Do you dress in odd cloths to let everyone know you’re an artist?
  2. Do you act flamboyantly to let everyone know you’re an artist?
  3. Do you think that everything is art?
  4. Can you mix the color red?
  5. Do you have a real job other than art?
  6. Did you learn to paint from a TV show?
  7. Do you own a painting on black velvet?
  8. Is water color a good medium to start off with?
  9. Is Thomas Kinkade one of your favorite artists?
  10. Do you strive to be on the cutting edge?


 Give yourself one point for every yes answer.

Give yourself two points for every no answer.

Give yourself three points if you didn’t bother

to answer anything and just went back to work

10 points – you should be a sheep herder.

20 points –  you could be an artist

30 points –  you’re the real deal.


5 Responses to “The Are You An Artist Test”

  1. Lynn Says:

    i got 20 points so maybe there is still some hope for my future artistic endeavor! 🙂

  2. Michael Scott Says:

    Good girl! Give yourself a biscut. See you guys soon.

  3. oldsalt1942 Says:

    What if you didn’t answer anything and moved on to another blog?

  4. Earle Zerphey Says:

    It is certainly penned very well. Keep up the great work. Extend more of your pro views. Looking forward for a lot more.

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