Michael Scott the painter

Michael ScottI guess I’ve lived my life like an all you can eat buffet.  I’ve tried as much as I could stand.  I’ve been many different things but through it all I have made my living as an artist.  It is the common thread form my early years,  sketching with my mother in Cuba, to the present day sixty-one years later.  If you would like to view what those years were like I invite you to look my portfolio over and visit  michaelscottstories.wordpress.com.

23 Responses to “Michael Scott the painter”

  1. Mark Warde Says:

    Mike… I am not sure if you are the artist, but I found a drawing of a basketball player with the ball as his head, a cowboy hat, badge and a holster with six shooters at his waist. The name Mike Scott— something, was at the bottom… and the letters after Scott were cut off. So, I looked you up. It is is, I was wondering about permission to use it.


    • Michael Scott Says:

      Mark…After 56 years in this buisness and at least half of them working at newspapers and ad agencies I’ve got to say that the drawing you describe does not ring a bell. That does not mean I didn’t do it. If you could give me more info as to where it was printed and what it appeared in it might help. If I didn’t do it and you use it you would be in violation of someones copyright and liable to end up in court. If it’s something I own you’re welcome to it but if it’s something I did for an agency or a newspaper I don’t own it, they do.
      That surly twisted you head around. Hope I’m not too late getting back to you, I’ve been in Mexico.

      • Andrew Says:

        Hey,I have a painting with the signature of m.scott.its a 3d painting with mountains trees and river I guess.its got a beautiful red and black sunset with red in the river shining..im guessing it was painted on a black canvas
        .is this one of yours?

  2. Martin Edwards Says:

    I have two Impresto paintings signed off M Scott at the bottom right hand side. I was wondering if this was you? One is called Impresto Spring and is a 24×36″ canvass and Impresto Landscape and is 10×8″ canvass. They were bought in Merthyr Tydfil, South Wales on November 1998. The smaller one is a landscape of a river with a small waterfall and a tall mountain behind with trees either side. Can you help?

    • Michael Scott Says:

      I’m sorry it has taken me so long to get back to you. I am on a sailboat in Baja California in route to the east coast of the United States and my internet is limited. I have never painted anything impresto that I can recall. The majority of my work is over 4×4 and I just sign “Scott” so size and signature would rule out the possibility of them being my work. There is another Michael Scott that is known for his landscapes and roosters that I believe is from the midwestern US. He is the only other that I am aware of so good luck with your hunt. The main thing is to enjoy them. Michael Scott

    • Michael Scott Says:

      One more artist you may want to check on is a scot who pasted away in 06 I believe. Very good, very well known. This is his site, http://michaelscottartist.co.uk/
      If this is the same artist, your paintings may be very nice to have.

  3. Scott painter photography | Mygeneticherit Says:

    […] Michael Scott the painter «Mar 6, 2011 … keyboard shortcuts: ← previous photo → next photo L view in light box F favorite < scroll film strip left > scroll film strip right … […]

  4. Andy thompson Says:

    Hi Micheal
    I have just come back down to my too normal daily routine which age 88 seems to require.
    I was away up in the peaks, glimpsing rare perspectives of the grandeur of beauty which surrounds us mortals on our planet.
    I was exploring your galaxy of paintings on internet
    . What a glorious treat.!
    My early childhood included a Montague Dawson in my bedroom. I was fortunate to spend all my school holidays by the sea..
    Your genius surpasses Dawson. As far as I am aware he never painted portraits. With such sensitivity and poignancy you paint a dazzling young boy´s face, and again a young lady,,possibly demurely covering her mouth with her hand.
    Thank you for suchspecial moments
    Andy Thompson

  5. Michael Scott Says:

    Thank you Andy for taking the time to visit my work. Your high praise, comparing me to Dawson, I am not sure I deserve….but, I’ll take it just the same. Thank you.

  6. Ian Says:

    Hi Mike, It has been a long time since we built boats on the outer banks. I located a sharpie from the old class and would like to know if you have any info, drawings, blueprints, etc. to finish building the old boat? This is Ian, if you remember. Please respond at meme4112004@yahoo.com. thank you

    • Michael Scott Says:

      Wow, it has been a long time. I still have a lot of drawings and offsets from the old boat but, there is one problem, at the moment, I’m sailing my boat from Baja down to the Panama Canal and up to Belize then on to Florida. All my sharpie stuff is in Florida. I’ll email you.

  7. Ian Says:

    Hi, Very cool cruise you have going on. Keep in touch, I may catch you along the way. I am restoring an Albin trawler now and plan to take her down to Florida to sell. I may at that point jump on a plane and head down to Panama, I usually go there at least once or twice a year. I hope to have the trawler mostly finished to a point to head south in the next few weeks. Keep me posted on your travels. You can directly email me at meme4112004@yahoo.com Have fun. Regards…………..Ian

  8. jake Says:

    I have a painting with a moon on a lake with like a pine tree forest

  9. Michael Scott Says:

    I did a series of paintings involving the moon. Tell me more.

  10. tess Says:

    hey I was wounding if you are left hand I bought painting of a tree and mountains and it has a pound and a cottage and was wanting to know if it might be one of yours I can send you a picture of it. if you want me too. It is a really pretty piece

  11. carrera smit Says:

    Dear Mr m Scott my grandfather had recently given my family a beautiful 3D painting. Some of the main features are trees,mountains and a river or a stream. It also includes a white painted name in the corner…m. scott. I was curious to know who this painting belongs to. Do you recall a painting like this and if you do can you please put a value on it. Thank you

  12. Jhun Flores Says:

    Dear M.Scott,
    My name is Jhun F. I am one in a million of your fans,im very satisfied to your Land scape paintings
    I want to know,how i can have or to buy your original

  13. Mike Says:

    Jhun Flores…… I have 2 of Mr. Scott’s original paintings (approximately 14”x16”), framed and signed. I bought these about 30 yrs. ago. We are moving, scaling down in house size and these paintings are not going to move with us. If you’d like more information on these paintings, please contact me.

  14. Joan Lee Says:

    I have been buying your paintings. Their beautiful. I really appreciate you and you God given talent.

  15. Eddy Medalle Says:

    Hi Mike,
    Just womdering,
    Did you paint “Grey Butcher Bird, signed M Scott 1987?

  16. Eddy Medalle Says:

    Hi Mike,
    Just wondering,
    Did you paint “Grey Butcher Bird, signed M Scott 1987?

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