DSC_1382 copyI’m like a moth at a flame when it comes to weather.  I know it can snuff me out and never notice me.  As a sailor I weigh fear and love, I come up with respect and awe.  As an artist I can’t make myself paint a puffy white little cloud.  It’s got to have a rough edge to it or have the potential for evil or maybe it just finished it’s ugly work.  Maybe when it comes to it I’m just a drama junky but a big nasty weather system boiling in on the horizon makes for a painting with real punch.  I took these shots today while standing on the cliffs of the mountain I live on.  I am at 2,000 feet and the front is just above me, I can almost touch it and often can do just that.  It developed very fast and these shots were taken over no more than ten minutes.  It ends with a small twister briefly touching down on Lookout Mt in the distance.DSC_1386 copy  Why would I post pictures on my studio blog?  This is natures art and I’m hooked .DSC_1400 copyDSC_1402


2 Responses to “Photography”

  1. Petru Says:

    Hi Michael,
    I cam upon your website. White searching for informtation on a painting I inherited about two years ago when my father passed away. I do not think it is of great value, but the painting is pretty. Signed M. Scott. I have a photo available, should you be able to assist me maybe recognising the artists. I have looked at all your paininting on your blog. And they make me feel piecefull!
    I live in South Africa. Paint in my sparetime when I can, and it is the most amazing thing for me to do!
    I have added you and will be checking in on your blog as much as I can.!
    Have a great Day.

    • Michael Scott Says:

      Hi Petru,
      Send the picture to my email and I will do what I can to help identify it. I don’t remember ever signing my work with an “M.” but , I may have in my early days. There are several other Michael Scotts out there painting. One English painter that just passed would be my first guess for M. Scott. I’d like to see it as well as your paintings. Thanks for looking at my work and my blog. I am currently sailing from Baja Mexico back to the east coast of the United States so I am not painting these days and I have neglected the blog for several months. I will get back to it soon.

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